Barbara and Barossa

(Owned by Carol Herron)

US Dressage Finals, November 8-11

  • Intermediare 1 Charmpionship Open--7th Place

GAIG USDF Region 1 Dressage Championships, October 11-14

  • Intermediare 1 Final Open--5th Place

Dressage By Chance?, July 28-29

  • Intermediare 1 Winner--71.324%
  • FEI High Score of Show
  • High Score Hannoverian
  • High Score Profesional 

USDF Horse of the Year National Standings at Intermediare 1

  • 24th Place

Janet Andres and Heat Wave 

PVDA at Woodstock, May 13

  • First Level Champions

PVDA at Oak Spring, July 14

  • First Level Reserve Champion

Carol Lippa and Bellamondo

US Dressage Finals, November 8-22

  • Third Level Freestyle, Adult Amateur--8th Place

GAIG USDF Region 1 Dressage Championships

  • Second Level Adult Amateur--4th Place

USDF Horse of the Year National Standings, Second Level Adult Amateur

  • 8th Place

USDF All Breeds Award Second Level Westfalen

  • 2nd Place

DVCTA Year End Standings

  • Second Level High Score Adult Amateur Champion
  • Third Level High Score Champion
  • Third Level Musical Freestyle High Score Adulyt Amateur Champion

Carol Lippa and Just Livingston 

 USDF All Breeds Awards Intermediare Freestyle Performance Horse Registry

  • 5th Place

Cashell Jaquish and Corrival 

Area 2 Eventing Championships

  • Novice Championships--14th Place
  • Dressage Score 33.8 (Equivalent to 66.2%)

CDCTA Fall Horse Trials, September 16

  • Open Novice--1st Place
  • Dressage Score 29.3 (Equivalent to 70.7%)

Dressage By Chance? June 28

  • Third Level Test 1, 61.97%--1st Place