I am so excited to announce that Team Strawson is being sponsored by Daily Dose Equine LLC. Daily Dose Equine Provides "Healthy food for the same price".

Daily Dose Equine Logo

Daily Dose equine is dedicated to providing high quality and nutritional products. They believe that the best outcome in health, performance and longevity are achieved when your horse or dog is getting the best nutrition. 

And so far this has proven to be true! Fueled by Daily Dose Equine Senior feed, Amicelli took home 76% in the Grand Prix Freestyle Dressage, at By Chance. He looks shiny and feels great. And always a picky eater, he is licking his 'plate' clean.

Please contact Barbara, or Daily Dose Equine, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. if you have any questions.