The weathermen predicted that the weekend of August 5th and 6th would have the best weather of the entire summer. And for once, they were absolutely right!! The weather was perfect for the several fun events that took place at my farm.

 On Saturday and Sunday, George Williams gave his second clinic of 2017 at Misty Gleann. As always, George was inspirational and encouraging to all of the riders. He works you hard, but you hardly notice because he has you and the horse so focused and in tune with each other. In addition, I heard several auditors comment on how refreshing it was that each lesson was totally individual. So often at clinics you see the same exercises for each horse and rider. George treats each horse and rider as individuals and helps them develop what they uniquely need in the moment.

 Another highlight of the weekend was the wine and cheese party sponsored by Daily Dose Equine. The lovely weather was perfect for an outdoor gathering, and there was a tent with a beautiful spread of appetizers and wine! Riders, spectators and their friends had the chance to relax and unwind after an educational day with George Williams. Great food, great company…. You can’t beat that!

Additionally, Heinemann SBG, owned by Sara Greenberg and myself, enjoyed his first pose next to Daily Dose Equine's lovely banner. Heinemann wanted to show off his gorgeous coat which is extra shiny because of the Daily Dose Equine Senior feed that he is eating.