Owned and Ridden by Debbie Meritz Olsen

horses Kasey Debbie Meritz

2005 Oldenburg Gelding, 15.3 H
Kovington – Flo-Jo - Wuemmestern

Kasey and Debbie are in training at Misty Gleann. Debbie purchased Kasey in 2013 and fell in love with his athleticism, sensitivity and reliability. She describes him as an honest teacher, and a willing and brave partner. This carries over from the trail (which they love doing together) and into the show ring.

The first competition for both of them was in 2014. Just two years later, they have placed 5th in the BLM First level championships. Debbie’s goal is to earn her bronze medal with Kasey and if they go beyond, that would be "fantastic"! But most importantly is the meaningful journey they share and that Kasey is a joyful, happy horse.