Show Results (2015 and earlier)

Barbara Strawson and Amicelli

(Amicelli owned by Barbara Strawson and Jennifer Foulon)

Dressage, By Chance? 8/1/15

  • Grand Prix Musical Freestyle with 74% - First place
  • FEI Musical Freestyle Challenge winner (high score FEI freestyle)

Barbara Strawson and Ivan
(Ivan owned by The Stables of Rolling Ridge, LLC)

Dressage at Heavenly Waters 5/23 -5/24 2015

  • Prix St. Georges with 69.342% - First place
  • Intermediare 1 with 75.526% - First place
  • High score FEI of the show
  • High score Friesian of the show

Dressage, By Chance? 8/1/2015

  • Intermediare 1 with 69.079% - Firstt place
  • High score FEI

Janet Andres and Heat Wave

FADS at Karmic Run, 7/18/15

  • Training level test 2, with 74.2% - First place
  • Training level test 3 with 72.5% - Second place
  • High score of show


Rebecca Douglas and Spring Hollow Raindancer

  • Reserve Champion PVDA High Score Award at Fourth Level
  • Reserve Champion Morgan Open Competition
  • Morgan Dressage Association's $500 Scholarship to be used in the advancement of training.

Louise Foster and Along Came a Spyder

VADA NOVA at Morven Park , 4/5/15

  • Second level test 3 – First place with 64.63%

VADA NOVA at Morven Park , 6/7/15

  • Second level test 3 – Second place with 62.19 %

PVDA Loch Moy , 8/29- 8/30 2015

  • Second level test 3 – Second place with 67.07%
  • Second level test 3 – Second place with 66.46%

VADA NOVA at Morven Park - 9/13/15

  • Second level test 3 – Second place with 67.19%
  • They were awarded 3 Dover Adult Amateur Medals and got a Merit Award
  • Overall 4th at 2nd level in the year end CDCTA standings

Barbara also rode Spyder in the Karmic Run FADS show

  • Third level test 1 – Second place with a 71.81%

Emily Goldstein and Siouxperlucky

Dressage, By Chance? 8/1/2015

  • First level test 2 – First place
  • First level test 3- Second place
  • High Score TIP award

PVDA Chapter Challenge 11/1/2015

  • Champion Training level team
  • Individual high point awards for training level test 1 with 76.5% and training level test 2 with 68.6%
  • Elizabeth Pritchard Memorial Award for high score in the challenge test.

Carol Herron and Barossa

Champion FEI level for 2015 Frederick Area Dressage Shows

Cashell Jaquish and Corrival

FADS at Blue Hors Farm, 9/6/15

  • 1st level test 2 with 66.719% - First place
  • Novice Eventing A with 71.304% - First place

Surefire Horse Trials, 9/15

  • Novice Division- eigth place
  • Dressage score 27.3 (equivalent to 72.7%) - First in dressage

Waredaca Horse Trials, 10/15

  • Novice Division - seventh place
  • Dressage score 26.5 (equivalent to 73.5%) – Second in dressage

Carol Lippa and Just Livingston

  • Earned bronze medal
  • CBLM Championships Reserve Champion Third level (High score Adult Amateur)
  • CBLM Championships Sixth place Fourth Level
  • USDF Performance Horse Registry all breeds award
  • Champion High Score Third Level – Vintage division
  • Reserve Champion High Score Third Level – Adult Amateur
  • USEF Performance Horse Registry Fourth level champion Region 2
  • USEF Performance Horse Registry Third level champion Region 2
  • DVCTA Third level Adult Amateur Champion for USDF shows
  • Dressage at Heavenly Waters Third Level high score award

Megan Mendenhall and Eye Candy
(Eye Candy owned by Carol Lippa)

DVCTA Open Intro Horse Trials Reserve Champion

Doris Westhoff and Summer Wind

FADS at Karmic Run, 7/18/2015

  • Second level T2 with 72.308% - First place

Dressage By Chance?, 8/1/15

  • First level Test 2 with 62.5% - Second place

Dressage at Dunmovin, 9/9/15

  • Second level test 2 with 62.436% - Second place

Qualified for CBLM championships at first and second levels

Doris Westhoff and Dakotah Wind

Good News Stables, 8/1/15

  • Training level Test 1 with 66.3% - Second place


2014 Show Highlights

Barbara and Amicelli
(Amicelli owned by Barbara Strawson and Jennifer Foulon)

2014 Region 1 Finals

  • Grand Prix Musical Freestyle, 3rd place
  • Grand Prix, 4th place

2014 BLM Finals

  • Grand Prix Musical Freestyle Reserve Champion
  • Grand Prix, 4th place

2014 US Dressage Finals

  • Grand Prix Musical Freestyle, 8th place

Carol Lippa and Eye Candy

2014 USDF RPSI Breeds Awards:

  • First Level AA: Champion
  • First level Vintage: Champion
  • Training Level Vintage: Reserve Champion

2014 BLM Championship

  • Training Level Amateur Champion with 73%
  • First level Amateur, 9th place

2014 BLM Championship show: First test 3, Open with 68% - First place

2014 DVCTA Champion for Licensed shows: Training AA 68%

2014 DVCTA Champion for Licensed shows: First Level Vintage AA 66%

David Derascavage and Fiona’s Sonata

2014 Oldenburg All Breeds Award - Training Level, 4th place

May 2014 - Dressage At Heavenly Waters May - Reserve High Score with Barbara
June 2015 - VADA breed show - Reserve Mare and Reserve Mature Horse - Qualified for area breed championship at devon
June 2014 - PVDA Ride for Life - High Score for Training level and High Score for the entire show with David - 76.9%
August 2014 - PVDA Show at Loch Moy – High score for Training level and High score of the entire show with David -75.2%
September 2014 - Oldenburg Mare Inspection - Main Mare book
Dressage at Devon - 10th (in a large mare under saddle class)
October 2014 Region 1 Finals - Training level 6th place and qualified for nationals, 70.10%

2013 Fall Highlights

Barbara and Amicelli
(Amicelli owned by Barbara Strawson and Jennifer Foulon)

BLM Championships:

  • Reserve Champion Grand Prix
  • Reserve Champion Grand Prix Musical Freestyle

USDF/GAIG Region 1 Finals:

  • Grand Prix 3rd place
  • Grand Prix Musical Freestyle 4th place

USDF Dressage Finals:

  • Grand Prix 9th place
  • Grand Prix Musical Freestyle 7th place

Barbara and Eye Candy
(Eye Candy owned by Carol Lippa)

NCDCTA Autumn Leaves Dressage and BLM Championships

  • 1st level test 1 – 70%, 2nd place

Carol Lippa and Eye Candy
(Eye Candy owned by Carol Lippa)

  • NCDCTA Autumn Leaves Dressage and BLM Championships Training level test 3 – 70%, 1st place
  • USDF All Breeds Reserve Champions at Training level for Adult Amateurs and Master's/Vintage Group for Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International
  • DVCTA Year-end awards:
    • Master's year-end high score award at training level for both Licensed and DVCTA dressage shows
    • Adult Amateur high score award for Elementary Combined Training

May 2013

Barbara and Amicelli, owned by Barbara Strawson and Jennifer Foulon:

PVDA Spring Competition, May 18

  • Grand Prix Freestyle 64.25%
  • 1st Place

Feb/Mar 2013

Barbara and Amicelli, owned by Barbara Strawson and Jennifer Foulon:

Florida Dressage Classic CDI-W, February 14 - 17

  • Grand Prix 60.851%

Palm Beach Derby CDIW/CDI1*, March 1 - 3

  • Grand Prix 61.511%
  • Grand Prix Special 61.875%
  • 5th place

WEF Classic CDI, March 14-17

  • Grand Prix 62.617%
  • Grand Prix Special 60.979%

Global Dressage National 4, March 26-27

  • Grand Prix 62.766%
  • Grand Prix Special 64.766% 1st place

2012 Highlights

Barbara and Amicelli, owned by Barbara Strawson and Jennifer Foulon:

ESDCTA Memorial Day Weekend May 25 - 27

  • 2nd place - Grand Prix 59.362%
  • 3rd place - Grand Prix 61.383%

Summertime Blues June 16 – 17

  • 1st place - Grand Prix 63.51%
  • 1st place - Grand Prix 63.723%

Centerline HITS on the Hudson August 17 – 19

  • 4th place - Grand Prix 57.589%
  • 3rd place - Grand Prix Freestyle 64.125%

Dressage at Lexington July 13 – 15

  • 1st place - Grand Prix Test of choice 64.043%
  • 1st place - $500 Challenge FEI Grand Prix Test of Choice sponsored by Cumberland Farms 66.968%

Dressage at Devon September 27-30

  • Grand Prix 60.34%
  • Grand Prix Freestyle 62.725%

BLM Championships October 19 -21

  • 2nd place - Open Grand Prix 68.477%
  • 5th place - Grand Prix Final 61.844%

Legacy, ridden by Barbara Strawson and owned by Janice Alperin:

CSDCTA Spring Show at Morven Park May 5 -6

  • 1st place - Training Level, Test 2, 73.571%
  • 1st place - Training Level, Test 3, 76.409%
  • 2nd place - Training Level, Test 2, 77.321%
  • 3rd place - Training Level, Test 3, 73.4%

PVDA Spring Show at Morven Park May 19 – 20

  • 1st place - First Level, Test 3, 66.45%
  • 2nd place - Training Level, Test 3, 72.6%
  • 3rd place - First Level, Test 2, 67.837%

Zivona, ridden and owned by Judi Rosenfeld:

Dressage at Lexington July 13 -15

  • 3rd place – First Level, Test 1, 67.931%
  • 4th place – First Level, Test 2, 67.241%
  • 6th place - First Level, Test 2, 64.189%
  • 3rd place individually - "The Sporting Horse Amateur Challenge" (SHAC)

BLM Championships October 19 -21

  • Qualified for and Competed in the First level BLM Championships

Little Granny, ridden and owned by Jennifer Foulon:

March Magic Dressage 24 -25

  • 2nd place - JR Team Test - 64.1%
  • 1st place - JR Team Test - 66.8%
  • 1st place - JR Individual Test - 68.2%
  • 1st place - Dressage Seat Equitation - 81%

CDCTA Spring May 5 - 6

  • 1st place - 3rd level Freestyle - 73.2%
  • 2nd place - Fourth 2 - 65.7%
  • 5th place - 3rd level Freestyle - 69.7%

PVDA Spring May 19 - 20

  • 2nd place - JR Team Test - 62.4%
  • 1st place - JR Individual Test - 65.4%
  • 1st place - JR Freestyle - 67.4%

Gladstone/Festival of Champions June 8 - 10

  • 12th place - JR Team Test - 60.5%
  • 10th place - JR Individual Test - 64.0%

NAJYRC July 17 - 22

  • 9th place Region 1 FEI JR Team

GAIG/Region 8 Championships September 13 - 16

  • 1st place - FEI JR Championship -65.3%
  • 2nd place - Open Third Level Freestyle Championship - 69.3%
  • 3rd place - Third Level JR Championship - 65.1%

Show results for Fall 2010

Floete, owned by Norma Lynn Fox and ridden by Barbara Strawson:

  • BLM Championships
    Second level Musical Freestyle Reserve Champion: 66.528%
    Third level final: 8th place
  • GAIG/USDF Region 1 Championships
    Second Level Musical Freestyle Reserve Champion: 69.375%
    Third level test 3: first place, 66.512%
    Third level test 1: first place, 64.872%
    Third level test 2: second place, 65.385%
  • VADA/Nova, Inc. Autumn show
    Third level test 2: second place, 68.718%
    Second level freestyle: second place %70.208%
  • PVDA at Loch Moy
    Third level test 1: first place, 65.641%
    Third level high score of show
  • PVDA @ Oak Ridge
    Second level freestyle: first place, 68.125%

Trust Me, owned by Deri Jeffers and ridden by Barbara Strawson:

  • BLM Championships
    Prix St. George Open: 65%, Third place
  • VADA/Nova Inc. Autumn Show
    Fourth level test 2: 64.545%, First place
    Fourth level test 2: 71.591% First place
    Fourth level high score of show
  • PVDA at Loch Moy
    Fourth level test 2: first place, 66.591%
    Fourth level test 1: first place, 68.140%
    Fourth level high score of show

Ferrero, owned and ridden by Jennifer Foulon:

  • BLM Championships
    Second 1 - 66.053% - 2nd place
    Second Level Jr/YR Championships - 65.233% - Reserve Champion
    Third Level Jr/YR Championships - 64.744% - Champion
  • GAIGS/USDF Region 1 Championships
    Second 4 Championship - 63.929% - Reserve Champion
    USEF Dressage Seat Equitation Semi-Finals - 7.5 - Reserve Champion

Sundance owned and ridden by Nancy Mayorga:

  • Dressage at Foxcroft
    First level test 2--63.056% FIRST PLACE
    First level test 3-- 61.429% Third place
  • PVDA at Oak Ridge Park
    First level test 3--70% FIRST PLACE
  • BLM Championships
    First level test 2--62.50% Sixth place
    First level test 3--64.286% SECOND PLACE
    First level test 1 65.33%

October 2010 - BLM and USDF/GAIG Region 1 Championships
Barbara and Floete, owned by Norma Lynn Fox, wrapped up the season with a Reserve Championship in the Second level Musical Freestyle at both the BLM Championships and the GAIG/USDF Region 1 Championships. They danced their way to the tunes of Michael Jackson, edited and choreographed by Equichord. They were 8th in the 3rd level BLM Final. In addition, at the Region 1 competition, they won several of their open 3rd level classes, including 3rd level test 3, which Floete competed for the first time.

Barbara's students were also very successful!
Jennifer Foulon, on her own Ferrero, took home the Second Level Junior BLM Reserve Championship and the Third Level Junior Championship! Please click here to see her picture and results in the Chronicle of the Horse, reprinted with permission of the Chronicle of the Horse. Her success continued at the GAIG/USDF Region 1 Championships where she was Reserve Second Level Junior Champion as well as 8th in the First level Championship. She was also reserve in the USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals. This means Jennifer was second in our region and has qualified to compete in the Dressage Seat Finals this summer.

We were very proud to see Nancy Mayorga and her own Sundance compete in their first BLM Championships. Nancy rode a beautiful test in her very competitive first level class receiving several 8's! Nancy and Sundance had some fabulous placings in their open classes this weekend.

October 2009 – BLM Championships Results:
First Level Championship
: 68.429% - Jennifer Foulon on Ferrero. Congratulations, Jennifer!

September 2009PVDA Loch Moy at Loch Moy in Adamstown, MD. Results:

Jennifer Foulon and Ferrero won the First Level 3 class with a 66%, earning them a spot at BLMs next month! The pair went on to earn a 67.105% in First 4. Karen Yingst and Kapriole earned a 61.053% in First 4.

August 2009Lendon Gray Youth Festival:

Jennifer Foulon and Ferrero earned fourth overall in the Training Level and seventh in the First Level divisions for ages 15-17 – placing in the Top 10 for every element of her testing!

July 2009USDF Region 1 Youth Team Championships:

Jennifer Foulon/Morgen and Shannon Zik/Secret won the Pas de Deux class with an 81.45%!

Jennifer and Morgen then went on to win High Score of the show, with a 72.5% in Training 2, Team test. They also won the Training 1, Individual test, with a 69.565% - their lowest score of the show! Their Team finished the weekend with Third Place overall in their division.

Shannon and Secret earned a 66% and 64.4% in the First Level division, ending the weekend with Individual and Team Fourth Places in their division.

Jennifer, aboard Ferrero, also won her Equitation class and earned a Third Place with a 67% in their First 1, Individual test. The pair also earned a 66.389% in their First 2, Team test.

Jennifer's Team of 4 also earned honors for best "Stable Management" of the entire show.

Congratulations, ladies!

July 2009The Dressage at Lexington results are in:

Barbara and Degas earned 3rd place with a 70% in the Intermediare I Challenge and won the Prix St. Georges division with a 65%. The pair also ended up fourth overall in the Prix St. Georges Challenge.

At Third level, Hilary and Holiday earned a 63% and BLM Championship slot their first weekend out together at that level. The pair also earned a qualifying score of 64.762% at Second Level 4 for the Region 1 Championships.

Jennifer Foulon and Ferrero won their debut at First Level, with a 66%! The pair also secured a spot at the Region 1 Championships with their Training Level scores this weekend.

Judi Rosenfeld and Zivona ISF earned a 66.8% at Training 4 and secured a spot at the Region 1 Championships!

Floete and Barbara earned a 71% at First 3, securing them a spot in the First Level BLM Championships. The pair also got a 68.158% at First Level 4, putting them on their way to the Region 1 Championships as well.

Nancy Mayorga and Sundance earned a 66% and Second Place in a large class at Training 4 and a 67.2% the next day. This was also Nancy's FIRST recognized show!

PVDA Schooling Show Results: Lauren Peacox and Amy Lynch's Ferrodonis won their Second Level 4 test with a 69%. Karen Yingst and Kapriole won both the First 1 and 3 with a 65%.

June 2009 – On June 6-7, Hilary debuted Jennifer Foulon's Ferrero at Third Level, taking home a win in his first test with a 64.872% in the Third Level 2 class. The pair went on to earn another 64.872% and a 63.3%, giving Hilary the final score she needed to earn her USDF Bronze Medal.

Barbara and Norma Lynn Fox's Floete earned a 70% at First Level 3 and a 64% at Second Level. Floete and Ferrero both qualified for BLM divisions as a result of this weekend's scores.

Judi Rosenfeld and Zivona ISF also took home a 64% and 63% in the Training Level division.

May 2009 – Results of the Raleigh CDI, May 29-30, Raleigh, NC:
Barbara and Marianne Campano's Degas placed Third in the CDI's Prix St. Georges and Intermediare I Freestyle. The pair earned a 66.491% and 69.650%, respectively, less than 0.5% below Second Place in both classes. They also earned a 63.772% in the I-1 class.

May 2009 – Results of the PVDA show at Morven Park, May 16-17:

  • Judi Rosenfeld's Zivona ISF and Barbara took 3 out of 4 wins in their First Level 1 and 2 classes, with a 69.444%, 67.778%, 67.667% and 65.333%
  • Jennifer Foulon and Ferrero won Training Level High Score and their Training 3 class with a 76.8% score...beating out the Reserve High Score by 4% and the second place finisher in her class by more than 10%! Ferrero has now already qualified for the 2009 BLMs at Training, First AND Second Level.
  • Jennifer and Janice Alperin's Morgen went on to place Fourth in a huge Training Level 4 class with a 64.4%

April 2009 – Barbara and Degas finished their Florida tour with great success, taking home two firsts and a second at Dressage at Equestrian Estates, winning the Prix St. Georges with a 70.2% and the I-1 Freestyle with a 66.750%. They also took Second in the Intermediare I with a 67.895%.

Earlier in the season, at Welcome Back to White Fences I and II, the pair took 5th in the PSG with a 67.368%. At the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, they earned a 65.789% in the PSG, 63.684% in the I-1 and 63.684% in the Freestyle. At the WEF Dressage Classic, they ended up 9th in a competitive field for the PSG with a 64.526%, then earned a 64.737% in the I-1 and a 65.550% in the I-1 Freestyle.

Barbara was one of only eight riders this year to earn their USDF Silver Bar, for high scores earned in Fourth Level Musical Freestyle classes. Many thanks to Equichord for designing the freestyles that earned this award.

October 2008Degas, Prosecco, and Wie Vom Andern Stern thrilled their owners and Barbara with their performances at both the BLM and GAIG/USDF Dressage Regional Championships. In addition, Barbara was awarded "Most Elegant Rider", an award sponsored by Betsy Steiner and Equilates. Selected by the judges, this award is presented to the professional rider who 'has the best seat and position and the most effective aids, creating a picture of harmony'.

GAIG/ USDF Region 1 Dressage Championships:
Degas earned Reserve Prix St. George Champion with a score of 71%, and placed 3rd in both the Intermediare I Musical Freestyle Championship and the Intermediare I Championship.

Prosecco earned Reserve Fourth Level Musical Freestyle Champion and placed 8th in the Prix St. George Championship.

Wie Vom Andern Stern earned blue ribbons (1st place) in both Third Level Test 1 and Test 2.

Col. Bengt Ljungquist Memorial Championship Region Finals:
Degas earned 3rd place in the Prix St. George Championship, 4th in the Intermediare I Musical Freestyle Championship, and 7th in the Intermediare I Championship.

Prosecco was awarded Champion in the Fourth Level Championship, with a lovely musical freestyle compiled and choreographed by Equichord. In addition, Prosecco placed 7th in the Fourth Level Championship.

Wie Vom Andern Stern placed first at Third Level Test 3 and eighth in the Third Level Championship

October 2008 – Hilary Moore put in a solid performance at the BLM Championships aboard Holiday and Jennifer Foulon's Ferrero. In the BLM Championship, Hilary and Ferrero took 9th place in the Second Level Senior B Final. Holiday took 11th in the First Level Senior B Final. In the Open Show, Ferrero also earned a win at Second Level Test 4 and took 2nd place for Second Level Test 3, qualifying for the 2009 BLM Second Level Championships. Holiday also earned qualifying scores for the 2009 BLM Championships at First and Second Level, winning at Second Level Test 3 and scoring 68.5% at First Level Test 3. This was Hilary and Holiday's second show together!

October 2005 – At the Regional BLM Championships, Barbara earned top honors with Prosecco as the Third Level Champion and Black Hawk as the Second Level Champion. At the USDF Region I Championships, Prosecco earned the third spot in the Third Level Championship.

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